Darren Hunt of Utah

The murder of young Black Men by police continues.

oh for fucks SAKE

Y’all he was shot in the back…. HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK…

He was carrying a sword? This mf in my geography class carried a sword to class everyday and when I expressed my discomfort it was dismissed. But this brotha was shot in the back.

and it was a blunted sword.. couldn’t have cut anybody… but white people walking around with loaded rifles in target…

Exactly! This is evil.

Damn. Niggas can’t even cosplay anymore? I would love to see the cosplay community say something about this but that definitely won’t happen

Also: this paper is edited by a clown. It should’ve been in the first fucking paragraph that this dude was cosplaying. I’m reading this shit wondering why the fuck this negro is walking down the street with a sword and obvious answer is hidden almost at the en of the article.

This dude was cosplaying.

He was dressed up in a costume.

Should all black people just stay home on Halloween this year?

Friendly reminder that the police shot a black cosplayer in the back

Anonymous whispered: Can I be pagan without practicing witchcraft? I know the answer is generally "yes," but I feel rejected by other pagans.


yes you can. i know how hard it can be, pagans can be just as judgmental and exclusive as anyone else, but you have to do what feels right to you (while still respecting closed cultures and other people/religions of course). if you have no interest in witchcraft, then don’t practice it. there are plenty of ways you can be pagan without it. if other pagans reject you because of that, then i personally think they’re probably not people you want in your life anyways.


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I don’t have time for people who think it’s okay to pick & choose which species of animals deserve to live happily and peacefully on this planet.

"It’s not just about sex. Don’t get me wrong. Sex is fucking great, but when you have a connection with someone, when you feel so strong for someone, just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak. You just can’t beat that."

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My anaconda don’t wanna go to class tomorrow


deep sea